7 Reasons to fall in Love with Athens in Spring

Spring, in many people’s opinion the most beautiful time of the year, has arrived! The weather starts to improve, the flowers start to bloom, and Athens becomes a magical destination for every visitor. So, whether you live in Athens or are going to visit, one thing is for sure… you will love it!

1.            Weather

The weather in Athens in spring is ideal. It’s not cold, but it’s not too hot either, which helps you enjoy your walks and excursions.

2.            Blossoming earth

Undoubtedly all, though scarce, the flowers and trees in the center of Athens are blooming and make it look more picturesque and beautiful than it is during other seasons. Certainly, neighborhoods like Plaka look like something out of a fairy tale. Moreover, a walk in the greenery such as Philopappou Hill is a must and certainly the view of the blooming flowers amidst the grey of the city is mesmerizing.

3.            Archaeological monuments

This is the best time to visit all the museums. Especially the Acropolis, the Ancient Agora so that you can comfortably tour the archaeological sites with the weather as your ally. In addition, 18 May is the world museum day, and you have free entry to all museums. Tourism at this time of year is reduced so you will be more comfortable and flexible.

4.            Unique shops

Food, brunch, coffees, cocktails, and snacks are on the menu as many shops are housed in stylish spaces and have courtyards. Also, for the alternative, there is the possibility to visit small shops with tables on the sidewalk and experience the beauty of Athens at night. 

5.            National Garden

The National Garden is a serene oasis in the heart of Athens and is particularly beautiful in spring. The trees and flowers are in full bloom and the weather is perfect for a leisurely stroll. Inside the garden you will also find a small zoo, a pond with ducks and turtles and several ancient ruins.

6.            Cultural events

Spring is a busy time for cultural events in Athens. The Athens International Film Festival takes place in March and the Technopolis Jazz Festival of the Municipality of Athens in May. You’ll also find several local festivals and celebrations throughout the season.

7.            Affordable prices

Finally, one of the best reasons to visit Athens in spring is the affordable prices. Flights and hotels are generally cheaper during this time, and you’ll find plenty of deals on tours, activities, and dining options.