CityZoe in Ioannina: The destination of luxury in the heart of Ioannina

NextCom, a leading company in the tourism industry, is taking a significant leap forward with its latest venture in the realm of luxury accommodations – introducing the contemporary CityZoe in Ioannina.

CityZoe Athens Suites stands as a magnificent hotel, offering an unparalleled stay experience in the heart of Athens. Its prime location in the city center makes it the perfect destination for both business travelers and tourists seeking an unforgettable visit.

Designed to embrace and host vacationers from all around the world, CityZoe Athens Suites aims to bridge the gap between the glorious historical heritage, the spirit of the modern era, and genuine hospitality. The hotel showcases a fusion of neoclassical elegance, emanating an atmosphere of relaxed sophistication and a vibrant blend of timeless modernity.

Exciting news follows as NextCom announces the acquisition of a remarkable property in the heart of Ioannina, paving the way for the much-anticipated opening of “CityZoe Ioannina Suites.” This new venture promises to deliver a unique luxury accommodation experience that will captivate discerning travelers.

Situated in the enchanting city of Ioannina, known for its picturesque charm, “CityZoe Ioannina Suites” will harmoniously blend tradition and opulence, mirroring the outstanding services offered at “CityZoe Athens Suites.” Expect spacious, elegantly appointed rooms that seamlessly integrate contemporary aesthetics with the region’s distinctive character.

This upcoming hotel will breathe new life into a cherished historic property, preserving the local architectural heritage and traditions. The meticulous reconstruction of the two existing buildings on the property is expected to be completed within 24 months, in close collaboration with the Technical Service of the Hospital and under the guidance of the Ephorate of Antiquities, which has granted the necessary approvals for the property’s development.